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Proact Sk Active work market policy

Purpose of education with a prequalify form in our training center is to allow people without appropriate technical education to find versatility on work market and integrate fully-valued into work process on work positions with electrical- technical production in accordance with increasing demands of manufacturing cooperation for more educated labor power.

We possess the accreditation on educational activities:
LB - operator on manufacturing assembling line of audiovisual technique
L1 - operator – specialist in manufacturing assembling line of audiovisual technique.

Particular trainings run during three 5days cycles

1.cycle : theoretical part of the course runs headed by a psychologist and lectors. Applicants for a job gain information about Labor Code, Work Safety, providing the First Aid, they learn how to have an effective communication, how to handle stress situation on work place, or how to write correctly a curriculum vitae. At the same time runs the practicing of acquired knowledge, the cycle ends with a final exam.

2.cycle : on the first day begins productive theory phase where applicants are gradually familiarized with theory of production, with particular line types, productive methods PRO3M, 5S3R, training about ESD (electrostatic discharge) is progressed. In second training phase applicants acquire practical skills with assembling of LCD TV and DVD recorder, they are learning how to prevent from disvaluing parts on the work place.

3.cycle : the most interesting training phase. Acquired knowledge at training center is exercised on CYBER LINES, in modern place directly in company of Samsung Electronics Slovakia. At the end the knowledge of applicants is examined with the final test.

After successful ending of the training are applicants located mainly in Samsung Electronics Slovakia, and its vendors.

The activity of our training team lectors and training center does not only concentrate on production field but also on psychological-consulting course, suitable for leaders, managers, supervisors, which we could adapt to specific clients requirements.

Educational center is suited in reconstructed area of SOŠ (training college) on Esterhazyovcov in Galanta, where theoretical and practical training is held.